Project R287 Receives Funding from Screen Territory

Back in 2012 I began researching an incredible real-life story concerning a group of individuals in Darwin Australia during the first world war. 4 years later, this research has become a feature film project with the working title R287.

Darwin was known as one of the last ‘frontier towns’ of Australia, a home to “Mercenaries, Missionaries and Misfits”. It’s a fascinating period in history, Darwin a melting pot of cultures closer aligned with Asia than Australia, but despite it’s cosmopolitan veneer the streets were wrought with cultural conflict.

In September 2016 Screen Territory funded development of the project allowing the team; Rod McMillan, Michele Adler, Phil Tarl Denson and myself to meet in Melbourne and Darwin in November 2016 to further develop the narrative.

The film is all about racial prejudice and alienation, relevant subject matter to today’s audiences. Thanks to the great support from Screen Territory, we are now bringing this story to life.

Darwin, December 2016. Kodak Gold 400 35mm. Images Copyright Joe Morgan 2017.