Angenieux Optimo Zoom Lens

I love kit. Lenses, cameras, utility belts, multi-spanners with tools that you will never use.

And I love zoom shots.

Video courtesy of hannachi dhafer

I was recently asked to shoot a commercial project that needed a big lens. Really big. The film required a series of zoom shots starting close on people’s faces, pulling out to reveal large scale locations. We needed to go from 24mm to 290mm, with a fixed aperture across the range. Luckily my friends over at VMI Bristol were able to help me out with one of the biggest they could get, the Angenieux Optimo Zoom: 24-290mm T2.8 PL.

Of course there are bigger lenses. And there are definitely smaller.….

This lens weighs 11kgs out of the box, and to get this to work on my Red Epic PL we needed quite a few extra bits - including an O’Connor 2575 head, Moy Tall sticks, Microforce zoom controller, an ARRI FF-5 follow focus and a dovetail plate the size of my front door.

This lens is incredible, so sharp and F2.8 all the way through. Not suitable for run and gun, but satisfied the gear lust for a short while….